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Introducing Helm Support

· One min read

Most popular apps are available as Helm charts. It was not easy to use them in Kosko directly. The all new @kosko/helm package can help you load Helm charts, and of course, it also supports Kubernetes OpenAPI schema validation.

@kosko/helm uses the helm template command to render chart templates and the @kosko/yaml package to load Kubernetes YAML.

First, you have to install the Helm CLI, then install the @kosko/helm package.

npm install @kosko/helm

Next, use the loadChart function to load Helm charts.

const { loadChart } = require("@kosko/helm");

name: "prom",
chart: "prometheus",
repo: "",
version: "13.6.0",
values: {
server: {
persistentVolume: {
enabled: true

See loading Helm chart for more details.