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API Reference

@kosko/aggregate-errorPolyfill of the standard AggregateError class.
@kosko/common-utilsCommon utilities used in Kosko.
@kosko/configContains config types and loaders.
@kosko/envManages environments in Kosko.
@kosko/exec-utilsUtilities for executing processes.
@kosko/generateFinds and prints components.
@kosko/helmLoads Helm charts.
@kosko/kustomizeLoads Kustomize files.
@kosko/logLogging library.
@kosko/migrateMigrate Kubernetes YAML into Kosko components.
@kosko/requireImports and resolves modules.
@kosko/templateTemplate utilities.
@kosko/template-deployed-serviceCreates a new component including a Deployment and a Service.
@kosko/template-environmentCreates a new environment file.
@kosko/yamlLoads Kubernetes YAML files.