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ChartOptions interface

export interface ChartOptions extends LoadOptions 
Extends: [LoadOptions](/docs/api/yaml.loadoptions)


apiVersions?string[](Optional) Kubernetes API versions used for Capabilities.APIVersions.
caFile?string(Optional) Verify certificates of HTTPS-enabled servers using this CA bundle.
certFile?string(Optional) Identify HTTPS client using this SSL certificate file.
chartstringThe path of a local chart or the name of a remote chart.
dependencyUpdate?boolean(Optional) Run helm dependency update before installing the chart.
description?string(Optional) Add a custom description.
devel?boolean(Optional) Use development versions, too. Equivalent to version '>0.0.0-0'. If version is set, this is ignored.
generateName?boolean(Optional) Generate the name (and omit the name parameter).
includeCrds?boolean(Optional) Include CRDs in the templated output.
keyFile?string(Optional) Identify HTTPS client using this SSL key file.
keyring?string(Optional) Location of public keys used for verification.
name?string(Optional) Name of the release.
namespace?string(Optional) Namespace scope for this request.
nameTemplate?string(Optional) Specify template used to name the release.
noHooks?boolean(Optional) Prevent hooks from running during install.
password?string(Optional) Chart repository password where to locate the requested chart.
repo?string(Optional) Chart repository url where to locate the requested chart.
skipTests?boolean(Optional) Skip tests from templated output.
timeout?string(Optional) Time to wait for any individual Kubernetes operation (like Jobs for hooks)
username?string(Optional) Chart repository username where to locate the requested chart.
values?unknown(Optional) Specify values.
verify?boolean(Optional) Verify the package before using it.
version?string(Optional) Specify the exact chart version to use. If this is not specified, the latest version is used.