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KustomizeOptions interface

export interface KustomizeOptions extends LoadOptions 
Extends: [LoadOptions](/docs/api/yaml.loadoptions)


asCurrentUser?boolean(Optional) Use the uid and gid of the command executor to run the function in the container.
buildCommand?readonly string[](Optional) The command to build Kustomize files.
enableAlphaPlugins?boolean(Optional) Enable kustomize plugins.
enableExec?boolean(Optional) Enable support for exec functions (raw executables); do not use for untrusted configs! (Alpha)
enableHelm?boolean(Optional) Enable use of the Helm chart inflator generator.
enableManagedByLabel?boolean(Optional) Enable adding label.
enableStar?boolean(Optional) Enable support for starlark functions. (Alpha)
env?Record<string, string>(Optional) A list of environment variables to be used by functions.
helmCommand?string(Optional) Helm command (path to executable).
loadRestrictor?string(Optional) If set to LoadRestrictionsNone, local kustomizations may load files from outside their root. This does, however, break the relocatability of the kustomization.
mount?string[](Optional) A list of storage options read from the filesystem.
network?boolean(Optional) Enable network access for functions that declare it.
networkName?string(Optional) The docker network to run the container in.
pathstringThe path to a directory containing kustomization.yaml, or a Git repository URL with a suffix specifying same with respect to the repository root.
reorder?string(Optional) Reorder the resources just before output. Use legacy to apply a legacy reordering (Namespaces first, Webhooks last, etc). Use none to suppress a final reordering.