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kosko generate

Generate Kubernetes manifests.

kosko generate [components..]



Components to generate. It can be either a component's name or a glob pattern. This overrides components set in the config file.

# Generate components set in kosko.toml
kosko generate

# Generate components with specified names
kosko generate foo bar

# Generate components matched to the glob pattern
kosko generate nginx_*


--env, -e

Environment name.

--set, -s

Override global environment variables on the command line KEY=VAL (can be used multiple times).

JSONPath Expressions are supported for keys, keys are prepdended with $. automatically. Value is converted to JSON object if it's possible; otherwise, it's handled as a string.

# Set multiple arguments
kosko generate --set --set image.tag=1.3.4

# Override entire array
kosko generate --set imagePullSecrets='[ { "name": "mySecret" } ]'

# Set name of the first item in the array
kosko generate --set imagePullSecrets[0].name=mySecret

# Override value of item of the "secrets"
# array that has "secretKey" in the "name" field
kosko generate --set secrets[?("secretKey")].value=secretValue

# Disable deployment of the database, value is parsed as a boolean
kosko generate --set mysql.enabled=false

# Set myService to the "true" string, quotes must be escaped because of shell
kosko generate --set myService=\'true\'

# Set myService to the "true" string using quotes inside of the other quots
kosko generate --set myService='"true"'

--set.<component>, -s.<component>

Override variables of the specified component. Format is the same as in the --set argument. Component overrides are always applied after the global ones regardless of an order of arguments in the command line.

# Set mysql port to 3307 for all components and 3308 only for the "backend" component
kosko generate --set.backend mysql.port=3308 --set mysql.port=3307

--require, -r

Require external modules. Modules set in the config file will also be required.

# Using TypeScript
kosko generate -r ts-node/register

--output, -o

Output format. The value can be yaml or json. Default to yaml.


Validate components. It is enabled by default. It can be disabled by setting --validate=false.


# Print components to console
kosko generate

# Apply to Kubernetes cluster
kosko generate | kubectl apply -f -