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kosko validate

Validate components.

This command is almost identical to kosko generate command, but does not print Kubernetes manifests to terminal. You can see more details and examples there.

kosko validate [components..]



Components to generate. It can be either a component's name or a glob pattern). This overrides components set in the config file.

# Generate components set in kosko.toml
kosko validate

# Generate components with specified names
kosko validate foo bar

# Generate components matched to the glob pattern
kosko validate nginx_*


--env, -e

Environment name.

--set, -s, --set.<component>, -s.<component>

Override global or component variables on the command line KEY=VAL (can be used multiple times). See decription of the generate command for more details.

--require, -r

Require external modules. Modules set in the config file will also be required.

# Using TypeScript
kosko validate -r ts-node/register