TypeScript Support


Kosko and kubernetes-models are written in TypeScript, so you don't have to install any additional type declaration files.


To start using TypeScript, you have to either add require option in kosko.toml, or run Kosko with -r/--require option.

require = ["ts-node/register"]

Environment Types

You can specify types of environment variables by extending type declarations of @kosko/env module.

import * as env from "@kosko/env";
// Declare types for global environment variables
declare interface GlobalEnvironment {
imageRegistry: string;
// Declare types for component environment variables
declare interface ComponentEnvironment {
// Fallback type of all other component variables which are not specified below
[key: string]: unknown;
// Specify types for each component
nginx: {
replicas: number;
// Extend type declarations of "@kosko/env" module
declare module "@kosko/env" {
// Extend Environment interface
interface Environment {
global(): GlobalEnvironment;
component<K extends string>(
name: K
): GlobalEnvironment & ComponentEnvironment[K];